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Call: 510-799-2540         Jungle/Coons are Jungle & Maine Coons---Wonderful-loving pets.  Most of them have bob/tails & large ears & some have Poly feet.   They chirp & purr & make lots of different sounds.  Loves to play & enjoys the water.  Great with children other pets.  Can be on a lead & go for walks & taught to fetch.    Very smart & loyal to their human family.      Males can be large like Maine Coons.  Everyone that has ever had a Jungle/Coon will give you a A+ report, they are truly a big-sweet-lover.  The wild look of the Jungle cat but the gentle nature of the Maine Coon!!!   They come in different colors.    Prices depend on generation closest to the Jungle Cat & size.     New litter coming in April.  
  2016             UP_DATE          Jungle/bob kittens  NOW READY--    F3's Jungle/Bobs  3 males  10 weeks   $1500       F2 Jungle/Bob females  $2,000   All will be large--bob/tails some with front poly feet.  Golden Color/black spots   Very Exotic Looking!!     Make a appointment to visit the Cattery.   510-7992540   Open every Saturday (1-4) 


                                    Litter of Jungle/Coon coming F4's in April!!  2016

Jungle Coon breed
 Jungle Coon at PJ's Exotic Cattery


Savannah Girl F3