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Jungle Coon
The African Serval is a 30 to 40 pound wild cat.  It requires licensing, permitting and a facility to house them.  Servals aren't allowed in some states.  California is one of those States--there is a very large fine to have a Serval. I only have Savannah F2 to SBT's

Servals are long-legged and native to grasslands and brush country of Algeria, Morocco, and sub-Saharan Africa called Savannahs.


The serval belongs to the family Felidae. It is classified as Felis serval.  More information is available on Wikipedia.


The Savannah Cats and Savannah kittens offered at PJ's Exotic Cattery are the best available.

Call: 510-799-2540     This Cattery does not have a African Serval--this is just a picture so you know more about how the Savannah Cats got started--I only sell Savannah F2 to SBT's

Below: African Serval      



This is not a African Serval, it's a F2 Savannah Breeder

This is a F2 Savannah Female --  7 months (NOT FOR SALE) 

Stevie--Savannah F2  Breeder for PJ's EXOTIC CATTERY


Savannah Girl F3


 F2 Savannah