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Jungle Bobs       Kittens Now



More information about Jungle Bob (Jungle) Exotic Cats is on Wikipedia.  JUNGLE BOB KITTENS   NOW!!!!   F3 & JUNGLE/COONS F4



I LOVE THESE BIG CATS  Very wild looking, Large & EXOTIC!!!! 


PJ's EXOTIC CATTERY  Jungle Bobs are a hybrid cat -- cross between a Maine Coon-  Bengal or Savannah breeds bred from the Jungle Cat.```nice eartips,  long with a strong body,  These are very exotic looking Cats.
The Large cat I am holding is ""Jack He is a Jungle/Bob F2  . Keep strolling down for kitten pictures!! Go to Google & check out (Jungle Cats)  They are great pets, if you want to bring alittle of the WILD LOOK to your home.
Please come & visit the Cattery & see these Jungle Hybreds  F1"s to F5's``  We have no real Jungle Cats here in California--they are not allowed.   Check out Googles (Jungle Cat) and you will see what I mean``  They are also know as ""Reed Cats or 'Swamp Cats.
Call: 510 -799-2540 for more information.     You will only find them here at ""PJ's Exotic Cattery'  in the Bay Area.      No Shipping
 Jungle/Bob F3 are here 2016    Three Males F3's Jungle/bobs  $1500  
PJ is holding "Jack     Sorry he is Sold 
Female F2 Jungle Bob  Breeder 


 Jungle/Coon kittens F4   Bob/Tails   Mother is Jungle/Coon F3 ---Father is "Flash (Maine Coon) $500/pet price 13 weeks old   Three females--all males SOLD  Very social & make wonderful family pets--no special permit.     No shipping      Phone  510-7992540     Thanks ""Pj



                 Jungle/bob F2 Female  11 weeks  for sale--$2,000   Will be large--beautiful color  Bob/Tail




 Don't miss out on these special Jungle hybrids```      Ready NOW     Jungle/Bob F3 males  10 weeks   $1500

Call & set up a appointment  510-7992540    NO SHIPPING

Jungle/bob F3 kitten male /front poly feet   natural bob tail   Will be large!! $1500   Ready Now  11 weeks 


Below--Jungle breeders (Not for sale) 






Two Jungle females F2  meeting!!!