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Maine Coons     New Litter born in July!! $800 
The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance. It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.  More detailed information about Maine Coon breed is available on Wikipedia.
MAINE COON Kittens -       Maine Coons are Large-Muscular-Heavy boned--Med. to long hair. -- attractive-most gentle--calm of all cat breeds.  Known as the  Gentle Giant--adapts well to any environment--good with children & other animals.

If you are interested in these great cats call: 510 -799-2540     No Shipping
Oldest natural breed--native to the State of Maine--One of the most popular cat breeds in the world--known for its "intelligence & gentle personality.  One of the Largest breeds of domestic cat.  Males 15 to 25 pds.   Females 10 to 15 pds.    Easy to train--loyal to their family-independent & not clingy.  Known for being a "Lap Cat", but their gentle disposition makes the breed relaxed around dogs-cats & children.  Playful throughout their lives--affectionate--likes water--(Chattering sounds-chipping--yowling--making other loud vocalizatious----Which I (PJ)  LOVES`````````````  I love the Maine Coon breed--they make a wonderful family Pet
         "Lily  picture of her is below laying with a Savannah kitten                      



 Two female Maine Coons  Ready to go June 9th  $800






Flash is the Father of the Maine Coons   22 pd.



 Pictures are from litter that just SOLD