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Welcome to our website!
PJ's Cattery is selling all Breeders------Please call & talk to her about these beautiful -Proven Breeders    For Breeders Only--They Spray & need to be kept not as pets--but breeding.       PJ has 1 year to complete the sales (because of husband's Health)        New litters during this year will stay the same prices/no discounts/ only  breeders.    She will send you up-dated pictures.  The Cattery has lots of new babies---
Watch us online at San Francisco's KPIX Channel 5: Wild Cat Hybrid Fad In California Concerning To Pet Experts, which aired on TV Tuesday, 11:00PM, 11/5/2013.
Kitten Heaven
PJ's Exotic Cattery is a small home cattery where we breed premier Savannah, Bengal, Jungles & Maine Coons cats.  Next year other exotic breeds will be added (as you can see on our index.)  We are very excited about our new group of beauties.   Our goal is to provide healthy, happy and beautiful exotic cats.  Our kittens are well socialized and bred for temperament as well as exotic looks. We are a registered T.I.C.A. Cattery.  We are located in Hercules, California, on 1/4 acre, all done in jungle like surrounding.  
    Cattery Open  Wednesday thru Saturday (1 to 4) by appointment only  Closed Holidays
Savannah Kittens SBTs -- F3, F4, F5
Savannahs -- Bengals -- Jungle Bobs --Jungle/Coons--- Asian Jungle -- Maine Coons --Highlanders
Kittens & more 
Call: 510-799-2540 -- I hope you enjoy our Web Site & our large Family -- Welcome PJ     No shipping
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Savannahs can be described as friendly, assertive, active, playful.  They are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty, human attachment, and play behaviors. they will follow their owners around the house like a curious puppy, they can be trained to walk on a lease and play fetch, and many Savannahs love to play in water.  A Savannah expects to be a family member that is involved in every activity rather than just a usual house pet. They are not like a typical "Lap Cats'' as they are very active and large. They do, however, love to be petted, and will show you lots of affection in return.
More information about Savannah Exotic Cats is on Wikipedia. For information about Laws visit Hybrid Laws.
Our facilities are well equipped and maintained.  The environment provides a place for each cat to become accustomed to people and other animals.

Savannahs are a new breed, a hybrid cross of African Serval & domestic cat.

African Serval
Savannahs are a new breed, a hybrid cross of African Serval & domestic cat. The off-spring are big & beautiful with sleek lines, a truly awesome feline !!  We do not have Servals, since they are not allowed in California.  
PJ Exotic Cattery
Hercules, CA

African Jungle Cat

Savannah/Jungle F2 male    Just SOLD  2 years   Starting to look like his Grandfather Jake (Picture above)




  This is "Carmen  F2 jungle female  



     This 'Jenny Bob  F2 Asian Jungle female






 APRIL  F-5C  Litter  Savannahs SBT's  TICA reg.   SOLD






Tiki Poo   She thinks she is a CAT!!!!!